RAR file archivers

RAR file archivers are programs that allow the user to open archives in RAR file format. The need for this sort of program usually arises when a user downloads an archive in this file format to their computer and is unable to open it.

If you are looking for a RAR archiver that allows opening as well as creating these type of files, WinRAR is the program for you (we have also dedicated our site for it: winrar-full.com). It is created by the developers of the RAR file format itself, which is a proprietary archive file format that can be created only by using a licensed RAR software.

The other RAR archivers are unable to create archive files using the RAR format, but they can be used to open them. In addition, many of them offer additional tools to manage files, such as format converters, PC benchmark tools, and scanners to check the archives for corruption and viruses.

Almost all RAR archivers can be used directly in Windows File Explorer, and separate installers are available for OS (32 and 64 bit). Generally these programs don’t show advertisements despite the fact that they are free to use.

You can download a RAR archiver for free for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP or 11, as well as learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each program. Follow the links above ↑

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