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WinRAR has achieved its highest distribution on Windows. It's no coincidence; it's ability to integrate with Explorer, perform archiving operations without launching the program, support all major compression formats, and quickly archive any files are why it's become so popular.

WinRAR archiver for Windows 10/11

WinRAR installs quickly and associates with Windows OS file extensions, and doesn't ask users to install any additional adware during installation. The program has a trusted digital signature and is checked for malware by all antivirus programs.

Why is WinRAR for Windows downloaded more than other archivers?

There are two reasons. First:

The archiver can create archives in its own .rar format and unzip them (hence its name). If a new version of Windows 7, 8, or 10 is installed on your computer, it's often zipped in a RAR archive and can't be opened with standard operating system tools. So what do you do? You download and install WinRAR.

Here's something funny: Some sites had previously packaged WinRAR for download with a rar extension. That was a big mistake, since in most cases users weren't able to open the package because they didn't have an archiver already installed on their computer. It's like locking the key to a chest inside that chest.

The second reason:

WinRAR is a shareware program, and after the 40-day trial period is up, it doesn't block users from using it. Rather, it just issues reminders to buy a license. Many users continue to use it even if they can't buy a license.

WinRAR for Windows Features

  • it's built into the OS explorer: right-click on any file, and a context menu will open where you can create an archive or extract one;
  • it can open any archive (over 15 supported file extensions);
  • it helps keep information confidential by allowing the user to set an uncrackable password on an archive with secret files;
  • users can create profiles with archiving settings to quickly apply those settings while archiving;
  • users can change the appearance of the program, create their own designs, or download a preset theme;
  • files can be added to the archive simply by dragging them into the WinRAR window, no additional operations or complex settings needed. Files can be extracted in the same way.


  • quickly installed and removed;
  • easy to use, with an interactive wizard;
  • during compression or extraction of a large amount or size of files, it doesn't burden the system or interfere with the operation of other applications;
  • once a license is purchased, users don't have to worry about ads or commercial offers.


  • the program needs to be updated manually.

Test archived files in WinRAR

Add to archive from the context menu

Select compression profile

Add a comment to an archive

Creation of a new archive with the Wizard

With the links below on, you can download WinRAR for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, and 11 absolutely free. Choose the appropriate version of WinRAR for your operating system's capacity (32-bit or 64-bit).

Download WinRAR x32 (from the official site)
Download WinRAR x64 (from the official site)

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version: 7.01
compatibility: Windows 7/8/10/11 and XP
other OS: for Android, for Linux, for Mac OS
language: English/ENG
license: free to try
file size: ~3MB
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