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WinRAR (RAR) for Mac OS X

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Latest version: 7.00, File format: GZ
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WinRAR creators made sure the users of all the popular modern operating systems have their own version of the file archiver. Mac wasn’t passed by either.

WinRAR (RAR) for Mac OS X

WinRAR for Mac OS X — as well as the Linux version — doesn’t have a GUI. The developers allow the Mac users to work with RAR and UnRAR modules only from the command line. Which is very weird, since the system created by Apple — as well as many other products of that company — is focused first and foremost on making the interaction of users with the machines easy.

Nevertheless, WinRAR for Mac OS exists, and working with the command line requires some special knowledge. And it is this version the developers release the new archiver updates without delays in.

The biggest advantage of WinRAR for Mac OS X is the creation of RAR format archives. No other archiver can do that (or rather it isn’t allowed by the RAR license). Even if you download a third-party archiver, whose developers claim that it can create archives in the RAR format, you will have to download and install WinRAR separately to activate this function. Or its RAR plugin is already built into an archiver and included in its price.

One of the drawbacks of note is the lack of its own interface which is why WinRAR is frequently downloaded onto Mac in conjunction with some other archiver.

We offer you to download WinRAR for Mac OS X for free (the latest version):

Download WinRAR x64 (from the official site)
Download WinRAR ARM (from the official site)

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version: 7.00
compatibility: Mac OS X all
other OS: for Windows, for Android, for Linux
language: no translation needed
license: free to try
file size: ~0.5MB
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