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Latest version: 7.01, File format: APK
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The most popular archiver for Windows is also available on mobile platforms. You can download WinRAR for your Android phone or tablet for free. The developers decided to not take money from users for their archiver, and are distributing it freely, but have included some advertising in it as a kind of compensation.

WinRAR for Android has a simple interface that looks like a classic file manager. On the top panel there are buttons for creating, unpacking, and deleting an archive and buttons for accessing the archiver menu.

When archiving files, you will be prompted to choose the future archive format — ZIP, RAR, or RAR 4.x (compatible with outdated versions of WinRAR). You can also protect your data by setting a password for the archive during its creation.

One of the unique features of WinRAR for Android is performance testing. By enabling this test, you will not only find out how fast your mobile device compresses and decompresses files, but also have an idea of ​​its overall computing capacity.

Pros of the mobile version of WinRAR

  • easy to use;
  • nothing superfluous in the interface;
  • supports testing and recovery of archives;
  • stores the history of created archives for quick access;
  • offers built-in help in English, which will help you understand the work of the archiver;
  • unlike versions for other operating systems, the version for Android is free.


  • ads are shown after the archive is created.

WinRAR for Android

WinRAR for Android

WinRAR for Android

WinRAR for Android

WinRAR for Android

We suggest downloading WinRAR for Android for free by following the links below.

version: 7.01
compatibility: Android All
other OS: for Windows, for Linux, for Mac OS
language: English
license: free
file size: ~6MB
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